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    Nowadays Artekey Group is a perspective, rapidly increasing business with great potential. Our product is successfully sold throughout Russia and CIS countries. Moreover, we manage to supply our goods to the Eastern European and Asian markets. Our company does our best to enlarge the dealer system, to make collaboration more convenient and efficient. We guarantee regular assortment refill, uninterrupted supplies, free brand trainings and active marketing support. We are keen on our partners’ development and prosperity; that’s why we are always eager to share the knowledge we accumulated for years of successful business of Artekey Group. Our employees are very qualified and experienced, so they can easily consult you about any matter.

    Business terms and conditions

    Artekey Group is looking to cooperate with investors and partners either for long-term and short-term projects. We can offer give-and-take relationship, exclusive commercial conditions, marketing and technical support. We guarantee absolute confidentiality and protection of all the projects. We are ready to organize brand trainings and support with all necessary material for customer management.


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    a big responsibility and a great stride forward in the business development. We are always open for new projects, outstanding ideas and plans, and interested in close contacts with production plants in the field of kitchen accessories. If you own a company or represent interests of the supplier company, contact us!

    We can guarantee:

    • High level of professionalism
    • Quality control on every stage of production
    • Discounts and bonuses for our partners
    • High-quality logistics

    Working with Artekey Group provides businesspersons with lean business processes, stable turnover and high profitability in comparison with any start-ups. Moreover, our franchising is one of the most profitable ones in the market. We provide with all the necessary support, advisory services and any help at every stage of development. After becoming our equal partner, you get a ready-made conception, logo, corporate identity, design projects, corporate web site and further support.

    Our franchisee gets:

    • Elaborated strategy of development
    • Help in recruiting and training of the employees
    • Exclusive purchasing model
    • Ready-made conceptions of promotional campaigns (design layouts, audio and video materials, banners, etc.)
    • All-in-one support
    • For any detail, please sign in the partnership request bar

    Direct investment in Artekey Group projects is an efficient and elaborate step for accumulation of capital funds. Producing and selling Japanese unique top-quality goods to the Russian market makes Artekey Group a reliable partner for investments.

    Our partners get:

    • High income and minimum risk
    • Full suite of marketing support
    • Clear investment plan of development
    • Transparency of business processes and clearly-worded strategy
    • Financial analysis and full and particular accounts at every stage of project development


    Artekey Group is the forward-looking company, so we plan to extend the geographic reach in the next couple of years. We are always ready to extend the limits and expand the boundaries, so we invite new partners and investors for realizing future unique and customized products. Whereas, we are glad to offer the comprehensive range of services for manufacturing kitchen accessories and appliances along with the future support of any project.