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    • / 2015 A new representative office was set in Kazakhstan. This event underpinned relationship with partners and eased the process of developing the business of the company. Now the partners have more options in sales, services and immediate feedbacks to the customers. In February and May Artekey Group participates in word-famous exhibitions in Frankfurt and Shanghai, develops the innovative collection of eco-friendly kitchen taps of a medium price. Nowadays the products are manufactured on 6 factories in Japan, Italy and China (for the domestic market of China and Europe), the total turnover is 300 000 items per year. The amount of partners and dealers counts 316 companies in 62 cities in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus.
    • / 2014 Long-term business cooperation sometimes means more than just partnership. This statement is fully reflected in collaboration between OMOIKIRI (Japan) and ARTEKEY (Russia), who decided to unite their production assets and creative abilities. After 3 years of successful cooperation, the two companies merged into Artekey Group, a high developing conglomerate, which immediately started enlarging the volume of sales in Russia and CIS countries. The brands became more and more popular, so the amount of representatives on the territory of influence of the company started growing exponentially. Now Artekey Group has a complete production and consignment cycle, beginning from the model development and ending with further sales support. Thus, the company is now able to set ambitious targets for promoting the product to European and Asian markets.
    • / 2013 The sales geography was considerably expanded: ARTEKEY product has been sold all over Russia, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. More and more kitchen studious wanted to cooperate with ARTEKEY, and their quantity grew day by day. The first brand training in St. Petersburg was attended by 150 persons. This year the company decided to enlarge the product line with composite granite sinks produced in Italy, at Elleci factory. This factory developed its own patented technology based on the unique approach to producing sinks in rotating hot moulds. These sinks are known to be not only stylish and affordable, but also modern, functional and possess faultlessly top quality.
    • / 2012 In April the representative office in Japan is settled. Many negotiations about further cooperation are held. Thanks to collective elaboration of Russian designers and Japanese engineers all the products of YAMATERU, MIKADZO and OMOIKIRI was fully adapted and ready to be sold in Russian market. In November 2012, ARTEKEY company represented its brand new product for domestic kitchen: OMOIKIRI sinks and taps, YAMATERU cookware and MIKADZO kitchen knives. Many customers were impressed by the novelty of the design and wide range of colors of the taps: stainless steel and brass, taps with PVD-coating imitating gold, copper, gunmetal and ORB, and items decorated with various patterns and decal. Along with modern taps, customers saw some unique kitchen sinks manually made of natural granite and copper.
    • / 2011 This year was the year of exclusive distributing of JETAIR brand and unique Elica hoods along Russia and CIS countries. Avanti offers a wide product line, covering the needs of almost every price segment. Avanti becomes a synonym for reliability, steadiness, experience and constant wish to develop and create. In August 2011, Avanti is divided into two parts: one becomes a representative of Elica Group in Russia; another one becomes a new independent company called ARTEKEY, which starts with 4 brand new product groups in November 2011. Japan was chosen as a manufacturer country, for it has already impressed the young Russian entrepreneur with its progressiveness coupled with cultural identity, where people are devoted to their occupation. The rights for 3 trademarks (OMOIKIRI, MIKADZO, and YAMATERU) are bought out. Pavel Keiv becomes the Head of ARTEKEY company.
    • / 2005 After proving that Avanti is a reliable partner, the company becomes and exclusive distributor of JETAIR hoods in Russia. This helped planning the business process and control the prices.
    • / 2003 Avanti continues developing; a new branch of the company is set in Moscow. In parallel with it, the regional representative offices extend the geographic reach of the company along Russia and CIS countries. By 2003, the company numbers 12 dealers in 83 cities in Russia, 160 clients in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, and now Avanti cooperates with 3000 shops, showrooms and factories across Russia.
    • / 2002 In Japan Elica sets Ariafina co. Ltd, a joint venture with Fuji Industrial, leader in manufacturing air suction hoods. This product was notable for its progressive design. Since the late 1980s, this company joined Elica group corporation. In 2006, it became an integrated component of the conglomerate. This year also becomes a milestone for Marketing Director Pavel Keiv, who goes to Japan on business and literally falls in love with this country.
    • / 1995 The small company continues developing and being amongst the best dealers of JETAIR hoods. Company’s pricing and assortment policy can cover individual needs of every customer, providing high level of product competiveness at the market.
    • / 1993 This is the year, which opens a book of Artekey Group founding story. In 1993, Avanti LLC was founded. This company was a representative of the Italian JETAIR company, focused on kitchen hoods production. Since the late 1980s JETAIR has been a part of Elica Group, world famous group corporation, the global leader of production of hoods and motors. Thanks to successful collaboration between the manufacturer and Avanti LLC, the company can provide partners with up-to-date information about technological and design innovations. Since the foundation, the company has been keeping uncomplying principles of business processes, which made Avanti a reliable partner in kitchen segment.



    1 Dedication


    Kitchen – is a traditional center of the family life, the place where the most important conversations and family councils are held. We are proud of our talent to make your kitchens convenient, ergonomic and cozy. This is a lifetime project for us.

    2 Devotion


    Yes, we are the ones who are enthusiastic about things we do! All the employees at a quantity of more than 800 people are sincerely dedicated to their work and proud, that their products grace the most stylish and sophisticated kitchens all around the world.


    What is so unique about us?

    • Exclusive and uncompromising approach of the senior managers to the quality of the product and brand image
    • All the projects are developed by Russian and Japanese process-engineering personnel
    • Customized OEM-production ensure speed, quality and reliability of the goods
    • Limited editions of kitchen utensils, numbering less than 800 pcs attract even the most sophisticated and demanding customers
    • Three premium brands united in one catalogue of the exclusive supplier
    • Informational support, training, interactive programs, sales and discounts
    • Lifetime warranty for kitchen knife sets
    • Exclusive design
    • Quality control on every stage of production
    • Eco-friendly materials
    • Factories on the territory of Japan and Italy
    • Inventory carrying
    • Regular sales and specials for the partners

    Facts about the company

    • Artekey Group is an owner of 3 Japanese brands. Cooperating with us means working straight with the original supplier.
    • Some items registered in the listing of Federal Service for Intellectual Property and have no comparable counterparts. Among those are Hotaru and Okinawa tap by OMOIKIRI, Takara ST/S cookware sets my YAMATERU and others.
    • A feather in our bonnet is Kanto tap by OMOIKIRI with the unique patented construction, uniting flexible hose and filtered water supply. This model became the finalist of the world famous design awards Red Dot Award: Product Design 2014.
    • The product of ARTEKEY takes part in shooting Russian TV-shows «Shkola Remonta», «Kvartirnyi Vopros», «Fazenda», «Idealnyi Remont» and «Domashnyaya Kuhnya».
    • Artekey Group is always in search of the ideal quality, and constantly developing, for making our product up-to-date and unique.
    • We regularly hold brand trainings for the clients in all the cities of Russian Federation and have an option of offsite training for your employees.
    • All the staff of Artekey Group is very industrious and friendly; we are proud of our special atmosphere, stability and great working environment.
    • When creating our product we do our best to take cue from demands and needs of our customers.

    Why choose ARTEKEY product?

    • Retail price control
    • Exposure conditions – 50% from retail price
    • Special payment conditions: advanced payment/payment deferment
    • Free delivery to the transportation provider
    • Free samples, trainings, catalogues and other POS-production
    • 90% of products available on stock
    • Top quality of the product
    • High level of service
    • Customized approach to every client
    • Best value for money
    • Brand recognition
    • Flexible conditions of purchase




    OMOIKIRI sinks are manufactured at the factory located in Fukuoka industrial district. More than 600 specialists are involved in this process. The annual output of the exclusive premium products numbers 23 000 kitchen sinks. Only eco-friendly materials are used in the process of manufacturing;

    Japanese have strict ecology control of materials and goods, providing nontoxicity and hygienic safety. Product and manufacturing process of OMOIKIRI factory meet Japanese, European and Russian quality control standards. CE marking (Conformité Européenne) certifies that OMOIKIRI products are completely safe for health and environment.




    YAMATERU cookware is produced in Japan on the plant near the city called Uenohara on the west of the Tokyo conglomerate and in other countries on specialized plants. YAMATERU team is 400 specialists who are involved in in the process of production. The number of YAMATERU cookware sets is restricted – only 60 000 sets a year. YAMATERU Company has its own laboratory on the premises of the factory, so all the products get through the 5 stages of quality control: steel testing, silicone handles tests, non-stick coating tests, mechanical strength tests, and spectral analysis to exclude any impurities appear in the cookware.

    The final product comes to the customer only after passing the JIS-standart tests. YAMATERU products got the Europian ISO certificate 1935/2004/EC, which means they satisfy even the highest standards. ISO 9001:2000 quality management system ISO 14001 ecological management system ensures high rate of safety of both production and product. Especially for Russian Federation YAMATERU Company tested all the products according to State Committee for the Russian Federation for Standardization and Metrology: GOST 27002-86. Corrosion-resistant steel cookware. General technical specifications.




    The factory in Guangzhou is a result of merging ARTEKEY, OMOIKIRI and ELOIRA in December 2014. This factory produces a new line of low and medium price product for the inner market of China and Europe. The production staff numbers about 100 specialists; manufacturing capacity of the factory is up to 100 000 taps per year. Buying this factory helped greatly enlarge the sphere of influence and strengthen positions of Artekey Group in the market of sanitary ware and kitchen accessories.

    All the taps are produced with the means of modern equipment and under control of foreign specialists providing assurance in high quality. The main principle of the company lies in the statement that any defective product yields a bigger loss to the manufacturer. Careful attention is paid to the environmental care: in the process of manufacturing only energy-saving technologies are used; all the waste is recycled.




    Limited collection of OMOIKIRI kitchen taps is manufactured at a Japanese factory in Saitama, Honshu Island. The production capacity of the factory is up to 30 000 top quality taps per year. OMOIKIRI taps are produced of high quality stainless steel and brass. All the items pass through the heat treatment for eliminating harmful heavy metal oxides. Stainless steel corresponds 18/8 marking and is supplied by Nisshin Steel Co. Ltd and other reliable sellers.

    The quality of the steel is strictly controlled, as well as every item of OMOIKIRI goods. Kitchen taps pass through the system of various tests: testing of each part of the tap (EN 817 European standard), testing in acid base condition, galvanic coating penetration corrosion test, galvanic coating burning-through and metal layers measurement test. The final stage is a test of each tap after all assembly operations.




    The main manufacturing and rated capacities are situated on 2 plants. The great part of manufacturing is located in eastern suburbs of Osaka, the second largest city in Japan. The small-quantity production, the training center and the laboratory are situated in Seki, which is famous for being a heart and a historical center of «knife culture» in Japan. The staff of the main production units numbers more than 200 workers. The experience in development and manufacturing of premium products, based on the exclusive items is the thing that provides customers with «Made in Japan» quality.

    In the laboratory in Seki, the MIKADZO knives pass through the preliminary computerized modeling and more than 15 tests after manufacturing of the samples, for the knives to comply with all the technical specifications and being easy to use for the customer. Full compliance with Japanese and European Industrial JIS, TÜV CERT, CE Standards. The materials used for producing MIKADZO knives are fully compliant with the current Russian standard GOST R ISO 9001-2008, and confirmed by the declaration of conformity.




    OMOIKIRI sinks made of composite granite are manufactured at Elleci factory in Terracina, Italy. Nowadays Elleci has the widest product line, and no company in the whole world can compete with the quality of the sinks Elleci produces. On the premises of the factory the special R&D Laboratory is located, providing control of every stage of production.

    Sinks made of TETOGRANIT pass through various tests: high temperature resistance, stain and absorption resistance, smoothness of the surface, impact and thermal shock tests. All the products meet the world standards, proving that OMOIKIRI takes care of the environment of the planet Earth and its inhabitants.



    • 3representative offices in Russia

    • 8factories
      in Asia and Europe

    • 62

    • 316


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    General Director

    Andrei Ilin

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